Casa Romana Vini
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Romana Vini produces its wines in two different properties: Quinta do Porto Nogueira in the Lisbon Region (DOC Óbidos) and Quinta da Escusa in the Tagus Region (DOC do Tejo). These two places are only 12 km apart from each other, belonging to different wine-growing regions.

Wines of Lisbon Region

In the Lisbon Region, exclusively with our own grapes harvested at our Quinta do Porto Nogueira, white, red, rosé and sparkling wines are produced with the following brands:

Villa NogueiraBlend, white or red, as Harvest category
Quinta NogueiraBlend, white or red, as Reserva or Grande Reserva categories
PáginaMonovarietal white, red or rosé
BerberetaSparkling white wine, as Reserva category